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When it comes to sustainability, we believe that less is more. That’s why we believe in the power of a professional blow-dry.



With the great, long-lasting results a professional blow-dry provides, your hair will look better for longer, and you can spend less time washing and styling it. In turn, that means less water, energy and electricity used, less product consumed, and more opportunities for versatile hair looks.

A good blow-dry doesn’t just last one day; it provides the perfect base for multiple further looks. Prolong the initial results by sleeping with your hair in a loose topknot, which retains volume and smoothness. You can switch things up for the next day or two with heatless waves and curls, then transition into a sleek bun before the next wash day.

As well as being a sustainable option, with Authentic Beauty Concept, your blow-dry can also be totally vegan thanks to our edit of beautiful, multi-purpose styling heroes and vegan hairbrush. Whether you want to define your natural texture, switch things up with a sleek style, add bouncy volume or achieve cool undone waves, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for effortless finishes that enhance your hair, while remaining true to you.​

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving a salon with a fresh blow-dry; the bounce, shine, and long-lasting, professional finish all help bring to life your cut and colour and provide unbeatable confidence. And while we’ll always love a pro finish, now you can recreate a salon blow-dry at home with our vegan hairbrush, developed with hairdressers from our Authentic Beauty Concept community, and available to buy at your local Authentic Beauty Concept salon. Our community have tried, tested, and fallen in love with it, and now you can invest in your own to achieve a gorgeous finish yourself.

The perfect blow-dry also needs the right products. Because of our sustainable approach, our styling products are multi-taskers – which means you can use less of them to achieve more, mix, and combine them for versatile results. You can even use some of them for skin as well as hair! Your hairdresser can show you which ones are best for your hair type and the look you want to achieve, as well as how to blend them to create bespoke finishes. With vegan, PETA certified formulas and packaging that’s recycled and reusable, they’re the perfect way to achieve a more mindful style in the salon, and at home.​

Whether your salon clients wish to define their natural texture, switch things up with a sleek style, add bouncy volume or achieve cool undone waves, the AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT Vegan Blow-dry Menu has got you covered with a range of options designed to enhance the natural beauty of your clients' hair.​


A high-fashion look with volume. Any level of volume can be customized to achieve full bounce and a soft finish.​​​

Here our Express De-Stress Memento utilizes our lightweight Amplify Range to add body and volume at the backwash. During styling our Flawless Primer and Amplify Mousse help to craft the perfect base with extra lift, followed by our Nude Powder Spray for instant lived-in volume.

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A style all about natural movement. Casual, lived-in and effortless to provide a beautifully beachy, undone look.​

​To deeply nourish and provide essential moisture, our Express De-Stress Memento is experienced with our Hydrate Range. To create or accentuate natural-looking waves, our Enhancing Water and Nymph Salt Spray helps to dampen down the hair during styling whilst adding tamed, tousled texture. To complete the look, our Airy Texture Spray gives laid back volume with Gritty Wax Paste adding shape and separation.

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Create hair-envy with this flawless combination of defined curls and touchable texture. Designed to look natural and effortless.​​​

To create or maintain the most beautiful curls, our Express De-Stress Memento utilizes our Hydrate range to regenerate and revitalize hair with the perfect dose of moisture. This also includes our Hydrate Lotion to help fight frizz and protect the hair from blow-dry damage. To finish, our Airy Texture Spray and Nymph Salt Spray gives touchable, crafted hair textures, without overburdening the curls.

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