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It’s not just about what’s on the inside. We’re also focused on ensuring the packaging and materials for Authentic Beauty Concept are as sustainable as possible without compromising on a premium appearance.

Mindful packaging


Introducing 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic​

We started our journey with bottles and jars that were fully recyclable and reusable. This was the first step, but we didn’t want to stop there. We are now happy to announce that, as of 2021, we started the switch to 80% post-consumer (PCR) plastic for all our bottles and jars*, while still maintaining the soft-touch feel. PCR stands for post-consumer recycled plastic, for example material made from discarded items like bottles.

Reusing such single-use plastics is a sustainable solution and drives circular economy. While we’re delighted to be using PCR to produce our premium packaging, we will introduce it via slip in – which means using up our current stock to avoid waste and switching to PCR packaging for all future productions.​

*except mini jar


Our bottles, jars and cans are recyclable, and they’re reusable too; we've already seen some #AuthenticBeautyMovement salons upcycle containers to create decorative plant pots!