Glow for coloured hair

Glow for coloured hair

Inspiration can come from anywhere. You can thank the local bakery for this one. In particular, their delicious date and cinnamon loaf, the smell of which wafts out into the street every morning. It’s no wonder that on the pursuit for good ingredients and beauty super-foods those two came to mind. A bit of research and a few slices of delicious baked goods is all we needed to discover that as well as tasty, date and cinnamon are the perfect ingredient extracts for our formula, which is perfect to enhance coloured hair, making it glow in a beautifully natural way.

The Scent

The Scent

An ultra sensual signature based on an accord of rich, luminous, spicy, dried fruits such as date and cinnamon flowers notes.

The Scent

Date & Cinnamon

known for

  • Tonifying & Energising
  • Firming
  • Moisturising & Conditioning
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Education Beauty School: Glow Conditioner
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