Annabelle Belmondo

Annabelle Belmondo

The Effortless Beauty with French Attitude


Whether it’s in front of the camera or behind it, working as a model or filming her debut as an actress, sharing selfies with her Instagram followers or capturing the world around her with a vintage Nikon FM2, Annabelle Belmondo effortlessly conveys a world of emotions in a single image. It’s easy to assume that her expressive talents come naturally. As the granddaughter of film icon Jean-Paul Belmondo, she is blessed with movie star genes. Raised by her French-American parents between Paris and California, she grew up surrounded by cool chic on both sides of the Atlantic.

As Annabelle puts it, there are “two sides“ to her style. “In California there's a lot more of a beach vibe, a beach girl look,” she explains. “In Paris it's a really ‘I don't care’ style. Just easy, nothing overdone, the simpler the better. For me French fashion looks like you didn't try at all. Maybe you did, but you can't tell. I feel like both have their ups and downs and they're both in my life and they're both beautiful.“ Annabelle’s laid-back look unites the best of both worlds. Her long brown hair falls over her shoulders in loose beach waves that could easily be the result of a morning swim in the ocean, while her long fringe is reminiscent of Jane Birkin, the ultimate French It Girl of the 1960s. 

Annabelle Belmondo

Annabelle’s fashion sense is as effortless as her description of it sounds. “I don't plan anything out really, I've never been like that. I pretty much wake up and the way I feel, I dress.” For every day, Annabelle favours loose silhouettes and casual basics, but she is just as capable of injecting a bit of glamour into her wardrobe for a red carpet appearance in Cannes. Her signature look, however, is characterised by vintage finds, which she hunts for at vintage flea market Marché aux Puces in Paris or in boutiques in Portland, Oregon, where her mother now lives. ”It is a big part of my style. I love vintage clothes! I love searching for them and I think it's way more exciting than buying clothes in a store”, she sums up the appeal of pre-loved fashion. “It's really fun to find something you've been digging for all day and then you’re the only one who has it."

Annabelle’s other personal passion, analogue photography, confirms that she is a vintage girl at heart. “I love to have actual photos,” she tells us, “I love to develop photos, I love the aspect of the darkroom, and watching your photo come alive in the water. I’m also prouder of photos that I took on film than ones I took with my phone. It feels more like an artistic process and the result is more exciting. You can touch a photo and hold it in your hand, you get the surprise when you get your film back and it brings back memories.”

A style influenced by different cultures, a unique sense of fashion, and a vintage view of the world all add up to the singular self-assured appearance that makes Annabelle such a relevant member of the Authentic Beauty Movement. As she puts it, “the moment that you can be yourself is when you're truly authentic. Confidence comes with a healthy state of mind. I think when someone has a healthy state of mind and a healthy lifestyle they have a glow about them and that's beautiful.“

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