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Less is More: For a Calm and Simple Life

Minimalism - A life Philosophy


Life can be overstimulating, complicated or cluttered. When we think of what minimalism means, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is “less”. Minimalist art uses fewer colours, reduced motifs and simple shapes. Musical minimalism requires fewer instruments, simpler melodies and sometimes even total silence. In fashion, it means fewer embellishments, simple lines, sharp cuts, an eye for detail and reduced colour schemes. What minimalism truly means is quite literally “less is more”: A smaller number of more vibrant colours, simpler but more sophisticated shapes, art that allows for more space and more silence, design that invites the onlooker to take a step back.

Minimalism as a life philosophy boils down to living a simple life with fewer but carefully selected things, fewer commitments and less noise to, instead, gain more clarity on the things that truly matter, more time, and more calm. Minimalism as a life philosophy doesn’t require you to give away all of your belongings and renounce all worldly things. Instead, it encourages you to be less attached to objects, focus on the ones that have a real value, as well as the people and events in your life that are important to you. The end result is not restriction, but freedom. How can minimalism help you live a calm and simple life? Find out below!

Minimalism at home: Less clutter, more calm

Japanese author Marie Kondo made minimalism an instagrammable lifestyle choice with her global bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Her “KonMari Method” proposes a step-by-step process of keeping only those belongings that "spark joy". Realistically, most of us also need to hold onto certain things that are pretty joyless, yet practical, like tweezers, dishcloths and toothbrushes. However, the bottom line remains: Reducing clutter gives you more freedom, more space, more calm and more appreciation for the things that are truly important. The less you own, the more you enjoy what remains.

Minimalism at work: Focus more, work better

You can also apply the “KonMari Method” at work. Clean up your desk, organise your computer, mute applications for certain stretches of time and drown out the noise and bustle of a busy office by listening to soothing music on headphones. Focus on the tasks that are truly important and avoid time-wasting meetings or frustrating discussions. Finally, get rid of the energy-draining snack drawer and attention-sucking mobile phone. In a calm, tidy workplace, without distractions and with a clear, organised schedule, you’ll get your actual work done in less time. You’ll feel you have it under control.

Minimalism at home
Minimalism in fashion, art and design

Minimalism in fashion, art and design: Choose wisely, create more

Capitalism encourages us to attach emotions, desires and a sense of self-worth to objects. Consumers derive pleasure from buying new things, from displaying possessions and comparing them to those of other people. Minimalism can free you from the need to constantly buy new clothes, things for your home and electrical appliances. Instead, it teaches you to choose fashion and objects that are high-quality, durable and timeless. Well-chosen investment pieces will give you more pleasure and last longer, they are more sustainable and in keeping with a minimalist life philosophy. Reduced luxury. You can also get creative and find a way to express yourself via a garment, object or artwork created with your own two hands.

Minimalism and clean beauty: Less quantity, more quality 

Clean beauty isn’t the same as minimalism, but there is a large overlap. Minimalism means owning fewer beauty products, choosing ones that are right for your skin and hair type and functional with pure formulas of highly efficient ingredients. Similarly, clean beauty means carefully selected ingredients and, more specifically, being free from harmful elements. At Authentic Beauty Concept, we believe what we leave out of our products is as important as what we put in. Each range is formulated with carefully selected ingredients, for pure and simple, yet effective, products. Clean beauty meets minimalism in salon, with a mindful hair ritual that is calm and free from clutter. What remains is a memento that is worth remembering. To disconnect and calm your inner self.

Minimalism in fashion, art and design



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