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Mindfulness starts at the roots


Your favourite five minutes of backwash bliss aren’t just about relaxation and pampering; hairdressers also know that scalp care is the basis of a healthy hair routine. Using gentle hair care helps, but a healthy scalp builds the roots – literally – of strong, beautiful hair, so doesn’t it deserve a little extra attention?


We spend time and effort trialling and curating our skincare regimes when it comes to our face and body, but stop once we get to the scalp; despite the fact it’s an extension of the rest of our skin. And, just like the skin anywhere else on our body, the scalp benefits from a balance of cleansing, exfoliating, massage and moisture to maintain its health.

The skin on the scalp is more delicate than elsewhere on the body and has a higher number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands and follicles. The scalp is already sensitive, and when combined with product build-up, hard water and excess heat from styling, it’s no wonder it can feel sensitised.

If your skincare routine usually starts with a soothing but problem-solving mask, you’ll know the benefits – so why not apply the same logic to your scalp, with an extra dose of nourishment in the form of “skinification” of your haircare? Turn the hair wash process into a mini spa moment by applying our new Hydrating Jelly Mask with mindful scalp massage gestures, using slow and firm movements. Aside from feeling blissful, a good scalp massage also acts like a targeted facial: it promotes blood flow and healthy circulation.

Our new Hydrating Jelly Mask has a refreshingly lightweight texture, but still delivers a dose of moisture to the scalp and hair thanks to its blend of spirulina and aloe vera. As well as leaving the scalp feeling intensely cared for, it protects against external aggressors and brings back shine for a healthy finish. Combine with one our leave-in products to enhance suppleness on hair even more.

Hydrating Jelly Mask
Bare Cleanser

If you want a fresh start for the new year, our Bare Cleanser is the perfect first step. Formulated with Spirulina, this gentle unscented cleanser helps to moisturise stressed hair and sensitive scalps, while protecting its natural barrier. Allergy-friendly and suitable for all hair and scalp types, the caring formula is also ECARF certified (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation).

Further supporting good resolutions and our ongoing belief in making time for mindful self-care, our new Detoxifying Scalp Mud and Balancing Potion work in unison to gently detoxify the hair and unclog the scalp, bringing it back to a balanced state. 

Packed full of feel-good ingredients and inspired by millennia-old beauty rituals, Detoxifying Scalp Mud is a natural mineral mud formulated with Vitamin C and invigorating Ginger. It carries the scent of delicate green tea leaves, for a true moment of escapism. 

Gently whisked into the mud to create the perfect consistency, Balancing Potion’s formula contains a complex of Rambutan and balancing Ginseng to complete a soothing ritual that allows for true time out. 

During a head massage, this special combination also stimulates blood flow, which is why we’ve introduced new massage gestures to work in harmony with the new products; after all, mindfulness starts at the roots.

Detoxifying Scalp Mud

These new scalp rituals can be enjoyed in the salon to help you reconnect with yourself; filtering out the bad, locking in the good and allowing for the ultimate destress experience – plus healthy looking, shiny hair and a revitalised scalp at the end of it. A little extra care for your scalp won’t just lead to soothed, nourished skin; it will also promote better hair days and healthier growth. Your scalp matters – so give yourself the care you deserve.

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