Express Yourself - How do you create and craft?

Express Yourself - How do you create and craft?

Six influencers from the Authentic Beauty Movement tell us how their art and craft ideas become reality

Igor Josifovic creates and crafts interior designs using plants
Igor Josifovic, how do you create and craft?


For someone who has co-authored a book, manages his own successful blog, and also works as a social media manager for interior design, Igor Josifovic has a lot of inspiration in how he creates and crafts.

1. The creativity within: “I want to inspire people to not only look for the creativity I show them, but to embark on the quest to find their own creative authenticity within themselves.”

2. Creative inspiration: “I find creativity within, but also in outside sources of inspiration, for example by reading, doing yoga, or simply walking in nature.”

3. A hunch: “I think everyone can be creative in a very authentic way if they look within themselves and listen to their emotions.” 

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Jessica Skye creates and crafts yoga and music
Jessica Skye, how do you create and craft?

Jessica Skye is a real go-getter. As a DJ, a brilliant yoga teacher and Fat Buddha Yoga studio owner, she has organic ways in how she creates and crafts her incredible work.

1. Art and craft: “My work is both an art and a craft. Music is art. Production is craft. Creating a yoga space is art. Teaching a yoga class is craft.”

2. Emotional inspiration: “I’m all about the feels. I’m inspired by anything that evokes feeling.”

3. Pure and honest: “Yoga is the purest type of activity and the most authentic business you could ever imagine. My approach to my work with music and yoga is unfiltered. What you see is really what you get. I’m mindful of myself, of others, as well as of what I want to get from life. I steer everything to make sure I’m true to myself and do all my work in a way that’s authentic to me.”

Learn how Jessica Skye finds inspiration in yoga, music and travel.

Yanina Trapachka challenges the traditional artisan definition
Yanina Trapachka, how do you create and craft? 


Yanina Trapachka is a Polish fashion editor and agency owner who defies the way we traditionally think of artisan definition. Read her inspiration in what helps her create and craft.

1. Love and passion: “The best thing about my work is an opportunity to do what I love, create projects from dreams and do everything with true passion. I love being allowed to simply do things my own way, when others trust my vision and believe in my creative process.”

2. The human factor: “My biggest inspiration are the people I meet, the projects I work on and the places I travel to.”

3. Social media art: “Creating creative content on social media has become like an art form. When I see the impact of a photo or video created for and published on Instagram, it often seems like a small piece of art.”

Find out more about Yanina Trapachka's creative life in Warsaw. 

Astrid Eudeline’s art and craft ideas often revolve around paper
Astrid Eudeline, how do you create and craft?


Astrid Eudeline is an incredible DIY blogger, fashion stylist, stop motion maker, paper artist and author. The French artist uses both traditional and creative methods to create and craft.

1. The basics: “When I want to start a new DIY project, my process can be very different, depending on whether I am creating something that’s just for me or if I am working in collaboration with someone else. For instance, when I started working on a paper art project with Authentic Beauty Concept, I knew I would be working with pure pastel coloured paper so the results should be minimalist and unique.”

2. Finding inspiration: “I start by writing down my ideas and doodling some concepts. Then I go online to find inspiration that ties in with my ideas. I use Pinterest a lot and I love to create mood boards to see how I am going to mix different colours or materials.” 

3. Create and craft: “Finally, I draw my idea on paper or sketch it on the computer, buy what I need to create, and once I have all the materials and tools I need, I start creating.”

Read more about Astrid Eudeline’s paper art here. 

Christine Friberg has a twist in her artisan definition
Christine Friberg, how do you create and craft?


Christine Friberg also challenges the traditional thought of artisan definition. The Swedish fashion stylist, creative consultant, club promoter and DJ has a very modern approach in how she creates and crafts her work.

1. Leadership: “I’ve always been very eager to take a lead and make a change for what I believe in, and for being the change I want to see around me.”

2. Be an inspiration to others: “For me, the power comes from wanting to be the inspiration and force that helps people find their own strength and power to make changes for the better.”

3. Be a role model for my daughters: “Being a mother of two daughters also plays a huge part. I want my daughters to know that they can be and do whatever they want while still setting a good example. The most beautiful thing is that they are proud of me for going my own way, and I would love to watch them do the same.”

Ina Lekiewicz experiencing a key ingredient’s essence from one of the Authentic Beauty Concept formulas
Ina Lekiewicz, how do you create and craft?


Ina Lekiewicz is a London-based fashion photographer and the creator of her own magazine, Unpolished. As the name suggests, Ina’s magazine is a testament to the authentic beauty in fashion photography she wants to see more regularly. Read how she creates and crafts her photography: 

1. Analogue photography: “it gives me a lot of freedom and has more soul than digital, over processed photography.”

2. Retouch minimally: “I always keep retouching as minimal as possible and find beauty in natural, cinematic situations.”

3. Inspiration: a lot of everyday things inspire Ina and her work. “My inspiration can be travel, art, everyday life and the people I meet.”

How do you create and craft? We asked six members of the #authenticbeautymovement for their take on creative authenticity